Winter academy

Almost every year, we organise a multi-day academic event for our members to share ideas and make presentations on relevant issues.

The aim of the Winter Academy is to bring together the members of the Association and to create a space for knowledge exchange, discussion and presentations.

This year there was no shortage of presentations, and here is a brief overview of some of them.

"Crime and Punishment in the 21st Century - Towards an Ideal Criminal Justice System"

One of the presentations was given by Antanas Grimalauskas, the founder of the Association, who is currently studying law at Humboldt University in Berlin. Antanas discussed the subtleties of criminal law during his presentation “Crime and Punishment in the 21st Century – Creating an Ideal Criminal Justice System”.

Energy transformation

Mantė Bartusevičiūtė, a member of the Association studying at the Technical University of Berlin, spoke about the energy transformation. She shared her insights on renewable energy sources, their types and their use worldwide.

Are there consumer rights in an era of digitisation?

Vitalijus Dobrovolskis, who is currently studying computer science, talked about consumer rights in the digital age. In a wide-ranging presentation on the topic, Vitalijus highlighted the prevailing situation of the illusion of choice and critically commented on the nuances of digital rights management. Later, he also put his thoughts together in this article, which you can find here.

„What matters?“​

The Winter Academy was also attended by Andreas Rodenbeck, a long-time supporter and friend of the Association, who spoke about interconnectedness, the structure of society and the intricacies of banking and cash. 

Holocaust in Lithuania

This year’s Academy focuses on the Holocaust in Lithuania. The keynote speech was given by Board member Povilas Gembickis, who is currently studying Political Science at Vilnius University. Participants of the Academy also visited the Kaunas IX Fort Museum and listened to the story of Fruma Kučinskienė, a member of the Jewish community of Kaunas who survived the Holocaust. 

Photos from the Winter Academy: