The Future of Democracy Is in Our Hands. How Should We Build It?

The future of democracy is in our hands. But what kind of democracy should we build? This is the question we have been trying to answer in a public debate on 18 August at the K29 Business Centre in Vilnius.

The fruits of democracy are enjoyed by all participants in a free society, but not all of them support, shape, and nurture this system. So during the event, we tried to understand what role each of us can play in building democracy. Experts from different professional and social backgrounds will share their thoughts and suggestions for strengthening democratic culture.

The discussion was attended by Birutė Davidonytė, a journalist at “Laisvės TV” and book author, Dainius Žalimas, former President of the Constitutional Court, Vilius Bartninkas, a philosopher, and Sergej Stoma, a member of the board of the association “Youth Debates”. 

You can learn more about the project here.

“Democracy Today” is part of the “Your Word Summer” project organised by the association “Youth Debates”.

The event is funded by the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Lithuania.

Come. Listen. Listen. Find out.