„Alumni an Schulen“ training

Since 2017, the Association has been organising the German-language debate training “Alumni an Schulen” in Lithuanian schools. The aim of the training is to introduce pupils to the competition „Jugend debattiert in Mittel-, Ost- und Südosteuropa“ and help prepare for participation in the project.

„Alumni an Schulen“ sessions are taught by alumni of our association and former participants of the competition, who have a lot of experience debating in German. During the sessions, students are given a variety of tasks, ranging from those aimed at improving their argumentation and debating skills to mini-debates in German.

Alumni do the training on a voluntary basis and each year more and more schools are interested in hosting the training, making “Alumni an Schulen” one of our most successful initiatives. We are very pleased that students inspired by this training then decide to take part in the qualifying rounds of the “Jugend debattier in Mittel,- Ost,- und Südeuropa” debate, give positive feedback, and also join our association. The “Alumni an Schulen” training is not only important for helping students to gain confidence in speaking German, but also for promoting the culture of the German language in Lithuania, introducing students to various opportunities that can be opened up by speaking German, encouraging motivation among young people and highlighting the importance of debating and discussion for society. 

Moments from the training:

Some feedback about the training from Alumni:

"This is the second year I have had the opportunity to conduct a seminar in Šiauliai. I find these seminars very meaningful, especially because I myself broke through with the German language through the debate, and such training is beneficial for teachers and students. So I enjoyed the experience and I'm glad that Gabija and I represented the alumni association at the seminar!"
Simonas Gudaitis
Alumnus of the Association "Jaunimo debatai"
"The training was a success because the group was active and there was feedback, not just a monologue, [the students] were courageous, they listened, they made an effort, they debated - it was even interesting for me, so I want to thank you for offering to lead the training."
Vilija Sviderskytė
Alumna of the Association "Jaunimo debatai"